Top JavaScript VSCode Extensions for Development

By Laraib Rabbani
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ESLintStatic code analysisIdentifies and lints JavaScript code for potential errors, inconsistencies, and stylistic issues
PrettierCode formatterAutoformats JavaScript code to a consistent and readable style
JavaScript (ES6) Code SnippetsCode snippetsProvides a collection of useful JavaScript code snippets for various tasks
Path IntellisensePath completionSuggests file paths as you type, saving time navigating through your project directory
Live ShareReal-time collaborationEnables real-time collaboration on code with other developers, allowing sharing, debugging, and simultaneous editing
QuokkaIn-browser testingProvides an in-browser testing environment for JavaScript code, allowing you to write and test code snippets directly in the editor without setting up a full testing environment
Better CommentsEnhanced commentsEnhances the appearance and readability of comments, providing various formatting options and syntax highlighting
CodeSnapCode sharingAllows you to capture and share code snippets directly from the editor, generating a link to the code snippet for easy sharing
Import CostModule import size analysisDisplays the size of imported modules in your code, helping identify and optimize module imports to reduce bundle size and improve application performance
DotEnvEnvironment variable managementProvides support for managing environment variables in your .env file, allowing you to access and use environment variables in your JavaScript code without hardcoding them

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